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We are leaders in Professional IT Training Services, Consulting and Related services in Nigeria. Founded in 2008 in Nigeria, We specialize in providing flexible ICT learning solutions in Nigeria and across the globe. Our services includes IT Solutions with IT Consulting, Software Development, Hardware Repairs and Maintenance of Computer Systems. With our passion for learning, we will work closely with you to deliver a flexible, inspiring, motivational and cost effective training solution which will give you improvements in productivity. You will gain lifelong skills and realise your hidden potential so you can help you and your company achieve your goals.

IT Training

We design and deliver professional training programmes. We identify your training needs by cooperating with professional training vendors in order to deliver tailored training programs and courses. We also build networks of trainers and organize the regular Train the Trainer sessions.

IT Consulting

We advise on, plan, design and install information technology systems for you. We are also skilled in designing, installing and trialling new systems and software, and fixing any issues that arise. serve as a bridge between the client’s technical team and staff members who make use of the technology.


We are partnering with some private organizations and State Goverments in Nigeria in order to train students and youths the importance of technology. We are more focused on programming languages, hardware engineering  and social media courses amongst others.

Certs Issued

Want to be a proficient and certified programmer? Then go no where else, Rollascriptings company is ready to give you just that.What else do u need other than an interactive class? Join and see for yourself

Muhammad Abdulshafiu Wando Ex-student / C++

Rollascriptings is the best IT company and online tutors I’ve come in contact with… Your services are indeed practical and affordable… Keep it up!

Martins Light Ex-student / WordPress Development

It’s been an engaging moment with sound tutors at Rollascriptings. It’s been the best offered platform to learn and practise programming skills. Thank you.

Ridwan Olalekan Adeniran Ex-student / JavaScript

I am improving daily with Rollascriptings Company online training in IT. I saw coding as a mountain I can’t move, but with Rollascriptings I was able to move that mountain. #Rollascriptings company you rock

Vivian Olu Imadu Ex-student / Web Development

Our Additional Services

We provide the best professional IT training services in Nigeria. We are available to train you privately or train your organization as a whole.

  • We offer the best IT private tutoring in Nigeria
  • We tutor online and offline IT training courses in Nigeria
  • We prepare clients for their Professional Exams in Information Technology
  • We are unique because our clients always come out with the best results
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Professional Training

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