Do this on your mobile (Google Chrome)

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You should catch up some of the coolest tricks in Google. Are you ready? Type the following one by one in the Google search box: 1. Do a Barrel Roll 2. Google Gravity: Click on the first result that says Google Gravity – Mr.doob; after the page loads, tap the screen :-). It may look […]


Highest Paid Job for Every Stage of IT Career

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If you are computer lover and dream of code, then a career in the technology industry might be perfect for you. The following are some best IT jobs for you: 1. Data Scientist: Data Scientist duties typically include creating various Machine Learning-based tools or processes within the company, such as recommendation engines or automated lead […]


Why you should learn game programming

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Programming refers to the code that lies at the core of any video or computer game. Programming is the math and logic that makes the game happen. Within most game studios, programming accounts for more people than any other discipline. The game industry sometimes parses out the more specific areas beneath the umbrella term “programming,” […]


Why you should learn graphic design

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The following are some of the reasons you need to learn graphics design: 1. It discourages career autopilot. As soon as you get comfortable in your position, it’s easy to coast. You have an efficient way of pumping out work, so why mess with success? Well, your next raise may depend on your willingness to […]