Try out our one week “Macaroon Coding” (Our term for Have Fun While Coding) for your schools from ages 4 upward. This is a free coding class for one week. Part of Our Vision is that every child should have the opportunity to learn programming and make it fun for them. We are willing to partner with you anytime.

You can see what our students have to say for our courses in their own words…

I made a webpage in just 2 classes! Yes!!! Coding is fun

Bisola Bashorun Ex-student | Age 8 | Web Development

I was able to create a game in Python in one week! Wow! When next are you visiting?

Yusuf Hammed Ex-student | Age 9 | Python Programming

I had great fun coding, we want you to stay in our school

Semilore Adebayo Ex-student | Age 11 | HTML&CSS

It teaches me lots of things I didn’t know about computers and programmes and I am very grateful to be in it.

Abubakar Ali Ex-student | Age 5 | Web Coding
Participate now, its absolutely free